Nitided Extruder Single Screw

  • Type: Sheet Extruder
  • Screw: Single-Screw
  • Computerized: Computerized
  • Trademark: Zhongyang
  • Plastic Processed: PP
  • Automation: Automatic
  • Screw Barrel: Nitided Extruder Single Screw Barrel
  • HS Code: 84779000
Nitided extruder single screw barrel

Screw Diameter: Φ 15- Φ 300
L/D ratio: 15-46

Product classification:
Aiming at different plastic products the screw can be chosen from: General type, pin type, barrier type, separation type, and gas-exhausting type, etc.

Technical Information

Base Materials:
1)38CrMoAlA(JIS SACM645)
2)42CrMo(AISI 4140)

Bimetallic alloy materials:
1)Fe-based alloy
2)Ni-based alloy/Deloro alloy
3)Co-based alloy
4)NiCo-based alloy
5)Tungsten carbide/Wolfram carbide

Heat treatment
High-frequency quenching
Nitriding treatment
Hard-chrome electroplating
Bimetallic alloy welding
Bimetallic alloy centrifugal casting

Technical parameter:
Nitrided layer depth: 0.5-0.8mm
Nitrided hardness: 900-1000HV
Nitrided brittleness: Less than grade 1
Surface roughness: Ra0.4
Linearity of screw: 0.015mm
Hard-chrome plating hardness after nitriding: >=950HV
Chrome-plating layer depth: 0.025-0.085mm
Bimetallic layer depth: 3mm

Warranty and service: 1 year

Our advantages:
1)Excellent raw materials
2)Good customer service
3)Rapid delivery
4)Reasonable price
5)Production quickly

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