Professional services create a reputation for users, and use the ultimate service to interpret Xichai's "fine core service"

"To achieve the ultimate in service." The service manager of the Shanghai Branch of the Marketing Service Department of the FAW Jiefang Engine Division (hereinafter referred to as the Business Department) has entered the business division since 1997. He has been glowing in his own job and provided warmth and help to the users with the ultimate service. It perfectly interprets the exquisite, lean and sincere core service of the business department.
Business Unit Core Service Promotion Screen Business Unit Core Service Promotion Screen

Create professional word of mouth with professional services

"My car is out of the way on the highway. Can you help me think about it?" "What should I pay attention to when repairing and maintaining the vehicle?" Qin has a lot of users every day, even when the reporter interviewed him, he was repeatedly called. Interrupted, Qin Youyi explained to the reporter: "The card friends can call me here, it is my trust, so I can't fall." When asked how to help users solve problems, they have a good time. Said: "The premise of helping users solve problems is to constantly recharge themselves and strengthen their learning. They need to continuously improve their own quality, such as participating in technical and service training organized by the headquarters (business unit) and studying the dynamic cloud course."

Qin has a memory of it: One summer, he received a phone call from Huang Shifu, a building materials transporter from Shanghai. On the phone, Master Huang said anxiously: "My car broke down at high speed, the engine can run, but it doesn't move after the gear is placed." For the safety considerations of Master Huang, Qin has a professional maintenance service experience for many years. Through the telephone, Master Huang was given an emergency treatment to enable the car to safely drive to the emergency lane and wait for rescue. Then, according to the description of Huang Shifu's problem, Qin has quickly judged the fault and brought the relevant maintenance personnel to the scene. It took only 13 minutes to successfully repair it, which caused Huang Master to call "God."

Later, Qin Youyi often called to ask Huang Shifu about the vehicle situation, and shared some engine maintenance techniques for Master Huang. One by one, Qin Youyi and Huang Shifu also became good friends, and tried to recommend the purchase of Xichai to their friends. Engine truck. It is precisely because of his professionalism and enthusiasm that he has become the "preferred" in the hearts of users. In addition to his work, Qin has learned about engine manufacturing knowledge and participated in the improvement of the injector copper disassembly tool. It is precisely because of his eagerness to learn that he can make quick and professional judgments on every user's problems. .

Ensuring user benefits with a lean and efficient service network

Qin has said: "Time is the benefit of users. Every minute we save is the benefit of users." In order to protect the interests of users, the business unit launched a 400 service system to improve service efficiency: users dial 24 hours online. 400 customer service phone or click the Xichai APP call button, the official WeChat contact customer service center, the staff will be assigned to the nearest service site within 15 minutes, the service personnel must rush to the scene within 30 minutes or by phone to get in touch with the user , solve the problem for the user. After the dispatch is completed, the 400 service personnel will return the call to the user, and ask for feedback on problem solving and service satisfaction to ensure the quality of service.

Last summer, Qin has received an expedited dispatch. Li, who was originally a flammable chemical transporter, suddenly broke down on the high speed of the Shanghai section. Due to the special nature of the transported items, there will be more than one minute on the road. A point of danger. After receiving the assignment of 400 service stations, Qin Youyi drove to the scene for the first time, using the on-board tools for emergency repair and transfer, and coordinating the nearest service station, and dispatching relevant maintenance personnel and equipment. From receiving the dispatch, emergency transfer, to the final repair of the equipment, the personnel in place to solve the problem for the user, a total of less than an hour.

After the dispatch was closed, 400 service personnel returned to visit Master Li, and Master Li unanimously gave a five-star rating to the service speed of the marketing service department Shanghai Branch.

Qin has been checking engine parts Qin has been checking engine parts

Rely on users with satisfactory service

When the reporter asked if there was any understanding that was not understood by the user, Qin said: "In fact, it is not unintelligible, but when the card friends encounter problems such as malfunctions, it is inevitable that they will be anxious." Before working in the Shanghai branch, he spent seven years in Xinjiang. He bluntly said that working conditions in Xinjiang are quite difficult, but all the events that have been experienced are huge wealth of work today. During the interview, Qin had a memory: When I arrived in Xinjiang for a few months, I received a call from Wuxi headquarters. A group of users had burned the engine oil, so he contacted the local maintenance staff and drove more than 300. Kilometers, through the deserted desert, to the Aksu where the user is located. When they got out of the car, those users immediately surrounded him and the maintenance staff and said with excitement: "What happened to your products, we can't use them now, and delay our construction period."

In this regard, Qin Yu can only appease the user's radical emotions, and asked the maintenance personnel to check the engine. It was found that the user was not properly maintained and the cylinder was ashed, which caused the problem of burning the engine oil. However, due to the limitations of technical conditions, it was unable to meet the conditions for on-site maintenance. Therefore, he was asked to go back to prepare equipment and personnel. The next day, he would come over to repair the proposal, but the excited users did not accept it, in order to make the user more comfortable. Qin has the initiative to stay as a "hostage" and let the maintenance personnel return to the repair station for support. On the second day, the maintenance personnel arrived as scheduled, helping the user to solve the problem of burning oil. After the problem was solved, Qin Qiao asked the user why they refused to let them go back to pull the repair equipment. The user said: "We have used other brands of engines before, and there have been problems, called maintenance personnel to repair, they are far away. I don’t want to come, some of them are just like you, saying that they are going back to get equipment maintenance, but they haven’t appeared again since they left.” Qin has a smile and said: “Big brother, we are all people who say it’s done. You believe me now."

Business Department Marketing Service Department Shanghai Branch Service Day Event Site Business Department Marketing Service Department Shanghai Branch Service Day Event Site

The ultimate service, the details to win. In order to better serve the users, the business department established the “fine core service” brand in 2013, highlighting the exquisite technology, network lean and sincere attitude. And around the "exquisite ‟ upgrade service skills, professional-led services; around the "lean ‟ improve the service network, improve service efficiency; around the "sincerely show the service features, committed to providing users with satisfactory service. Let users rest assured, peace of mind, It is the requirement of Xichai Jingxin service, and it is the goal of countless service personnel like Qinqi, and finally strives to build “fine core service” into the service brand benchmark of the domestic engine industry, further consolidating the business division in the engine industry. Leading position.

Reading volume: Source: Chinese network of truck: Le Feng

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