Ruizhou Car Floor Mat, Seat Cover CNC Cutting Machine

Model NO.: RZCRT5-2516E
Layout: Horizontal
Cutting Tool: Vibration Knife
Table Type: Conveyor Table
Effective Working Area: 2500mm*1600mm
Cutting Thickness: 0-25mm(Customized Cutting Machine Can up to 50mm
Cutting Speed: 0-1200mm/S
Motor: Servor Motor
Material Fixing Method: Divisional Vacuum Absorption
Air Pump Power: 9kw
Voltage: 220V
Trademark: RUIZHOU
Transport Package: Standard Wooden Case
Specification: 3300X2200X1350MM
Origin: China
HS Code: 84413090
Ruizhou Car Floor Mat, Seat Cover CNC Cutting Machine  

Ruizhou cnc cutting machine applies vibrating knife on the cutting head. It's possible to cut a wide range of car mats materials like Loop Material, PU-based Sponge, PU, Composite Material, PVC; Rubber; Jean etc.Due to the good performance and stable quality, Ruizhou sample cutters have been widely used for automotive interior (universal car mats, special car mats, car seats, handle parts ...) sample making or small bulk production. 
Ruizhou Car Floor Mat, Seat Cover CNC Cutting Machine

Item Number RZCRT5-2516T
Cutting speed 0-1200mm/s
Effective working area 2500mm*1600mm
Air pump power 9KW
Cutting thickness 0-25mm(Common); 0-50mm(High)
Cutting Materials Corrugated paper, Honeycomb board, Cardboard, Plastic, Rubber board, Grey board, PVC, PU, Acrylic, composite materials, etc.
Tools Oscillating knife
V-cut, router, creasing wheel, punching tool, 
Marking pen
Material fixing method Divisional vacuum absorption
Mechanical resolution 0.07mm
Software resolution 0.025mm, 0.01mm, 0.1mm (optional)
Interface of transmission Network port
Buffer capability Once fast transfer
Command system HP-GL and GP-GL compatible formats
Digital Control Panel Touch screen
Transmission Materials Imported straight line guide track, gear rack
Motor Servo motor
Cutting Blade Rotate 18000r/min
Working Voltage AC 220V ± 10%, 50HZ (Machine); AC 380V ± 10%, 50 HZ (Air Pump)

Tools & Functions
This package cutting machine has a multifunctional working head. The working head can be installed with different working tools. With different working tools this package cutting machine is professional and suitable fo users with various kinds of purpose.

Ruizhou Car Floor Mat, Seat Cover CNC Cutting Machine

1. Oscillating cutting tool: it is the main cutting tool with a vibrating knife. The characteristics are fast, accurate and no burning nor smell.

   Cutting Samples of Car Seat Cutting Machine

Ruizhou Car Floor Mat, Seat Cover CNC Cutting Machine

Advantage of Our CNC Cutting Machine

Ruizhou Car Floor Mat, Seat Cover CNC Cutting Machine

1. Time Saving: The machine cuts by vibration knife. It's possible to finish cutting 3 pieces of 4D or 5D car mats within 3 minutes, much faster than cutting by hand. It guarantees fast output of customized car mats. 

2. Material Saving: Pattern nesting can be done and checked carefully before cutting, avoiding hiden lost during careless cutting by workers. It can save at least 5% materials than manual cutting. 
3. Storage Room Saving: Cut whatever you want, whenever you need. No need to have a large storage room for a large quantity of ready car mats. 
4. Flexibility: Each customer can pick up the materials, patterns they like to make the special car mats for their special cars, expending a large automotive beauty industry at your end!

General Production Procedures for Special Car Mats:

1- Get ready for the car mats models
     You can make the car mats by scanning paper patterns using A0 digitizer to make digital pattern files.
     Or you cna use 3D scanner to scan the car and directly get the car mats digital files.
2- Car mats pattern nesting
     You can do the pre-nesting by using automatic nesting software or do it manually. 
3- Material preparation
    Choose the material and patterns you like from your materials. 
4- Car mats cutting
     Send the digital car mats file to the machine and start cut on your material. You can pick up the parts after a few minutes.
5- Car mats rapping and stitching
    Collect all the cut parts to the stitching room, make the rapping of the edge by using the rapping machine. Join the parts by using stitching machines. 

Package of Our CNC Cutting Machine
The package is one part of the factory production line. The standard overseas wooden package has also to be quality controlled in order to guarantee the products be perfect when they arrive at your hands.
Ruizhou Car Floor Mat, Seat Cover CNC Cutting Machine

Company Show
Since 1995, RUIZHOU has been concentrating on researching and developing of CAD/CAM system. At present. RUIZHOU is a National High-Tech Enterprise famous at home and abroad. During the past years it has been developing better and better with winning lots of honors on the way.  According to the evaluation by HC International Inc in 2014, our company is the TOP ONE supplier in the domestic soft material cutting system area. Ruizhou has been awarded "Top Ten Footwear Machine Enterprise""Top Ten Innovative Enterprise""The Most Influential Enterprise".RUIZHOU has gained over 50 patents. They are 5 China Invention Patents, 24 Utility Model Patents, 9 Design Patents and 13 Software Copyrights. And there are 7 Invention Patents and 2 PCT Patents under auditing.

Ruizhou Car Floor Mat, Seat Cover CNC Cutting Machine

Related Products of Our CNC Cutting Machine

Item Number Working Area
RZCRT5-1007E 1000X700MM
RZCRT5-1510E 1500X1000MM
RZCRT5-1813E 1800X1300MM
RZCRT5-2516E 2500X1600MM
RZCRT5-2516EF 2500X1600MM
(with automatic feeding shelf)
RZCRT5-3016E 3000X1600MM
RZCRT5-3016EF-2H 3000X1600MM
(with double cutting head )
RZCRT5-3625E 3600X2500MM
RZCRT5-3625EF-2H 3600X2500MM
(with double cutting head )
RZCRT5-9009 9000X900MM
RZCRT5-9009-2H 9000X900MM
(with double cutting head )
RZCRT5-12009-2H 12000X900MM
(with double cutting head )
RZCRT5-12016-2H 12000X1600M
(with double cutting head )

Warranty & afert sale service 
1.One year guarantee for whole machine except of consumables such as knife blade, mat.
2. A free training at our company
3. 24 hours technical support
4. Calling or door-to-door service
5. User friendly English software, usual manual and videos.


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