Short-range wireless communication parameters measurement standards and traceability studies have been accepted

[China Instrument Network Instrument Research and Development] Recently, Shanghai Metrology Institute undertook the National Science and Technology Support Planning Project “Study of New Generation Information Technology Key Measurement Standards and Traceability System” Question 4 “Study on Short-range Wireless Communication Parameter Measurement Standards and Value Traceability System” Accepted by the expert group. The national science and technology support plan is mainly geared to the needs of the national economy and social development, and focuses on solving major scientific and technological issues in economic and social development. This topic is the first time that Shanghai Metrology Institute has participated in the national science and technology support research.

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Short-range wireless communication technologies include wireless LAN, Bluetooth, radio frequency identification (RFID) and ZigBee communication technologies. The main purpose of this topic is to solve the problem of measurement and tracing of key parameters of short-range wireless communication in the Internet of Things. The project team has established a set of short-range wireless communication quality testing platforms for RFID technology and a short-distance wireless communication quality testing platform for Wi-Fi technologies under complex electromagnetic environments. The two national measurement calibration standards drafted by the first drafter have been issued and implemented. , published 1 monograph, published 3 papers (EI included 2 papers), obtained 1 national invention patent authorization and 1 national invention patent publicity, and trained 2 master graduate students and 2 senior researchers to fully fulfill the task.
The completion of the project has enabled Shanghai Metrology Institute to take a leading position in the measurement technology capabilities of short-range wireless communication, further enhancing the Shanghai Institute of Metrology's ability to support technological innovation in technology-based services, and to undertake relevant NQI for the future. The "common technology research and application" project laid a solid foundation, and at the same time strongly promoted the development of Shanghai's mobile Internet and Internet of Things industries.
(Original title: Our institute carries out research on short-range wireless communication parameter measurement standards and traceability system

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