The future development trend of AI in the top ten fields

The future development trend of AI in the top ten fields

As the global leader in AI, China is very competitive in the field of artificial intelligence, but we also have some shortcomings. After many years of layout, in 2019, China's AI industry will show strong explosive power from the bottom chip, intermediate algorithm to downstream application multi-dimensional, not only to make up the original defects, but also to continue to lead the industry development in the advantageous areas. Let's take a look at it. In 2019, in which areas AI will change.

1, AI dedicated chip will challenge GPU dominance

In the AI ​​training scenario of the data center, data movement between computing and storage has become a bottleneck, and a new generation of AI chip architecture based on 3D stacked storage technology has become a trend.

The demand for data bandwidth in AI chips will further promote the widespread application of 3D stacked memory chips in AI training chips. Brain-like computing chips will further promote their development in finding more suitable applications. In the training scenario of the data center, the AI-specific chip will challenge the absolute dominance of the GPU. The AI ​​chip architecture that truly embodies Domain Specific is still more reflected in many edge scenarios.

2, voice AI low-cost accelerated commercial deployment

With the standardization and low cost of the end cloud integrated voice interaction module, there will be more and more talking public facilities. In each future, there will be at least one contact for voice interaction. With the advancement of intelligent voice technology, voice AI applications in mobile devices will become more and more popular. At the same time, AI voice technology will also be in many industries such as network e-commerce, finance, real estate, advertising, automobile, insurance, education, etc. Achieve a wider range of commercial applications.

3, big data & cloud computing open the Internet "smart age"

Both the PC Internet and the mobile Internet are already at a high level of development; but for the smart age, this is only the beginning. The Internet will be able to evolve into the intelligent age with the huge development space of big data & cloud computing. In addition to simple power stacking, the most important thing is to improve the AI ​​processing power of big data & cloud computing.

This requires an end-to-end learning and inductive reasoning technique based on mature deep learning techniques, such as graph neural networks, to solve a series of problems such as relational reasoning and interpretability that deep learning cannot handle. This will not only greatly improve the effectiveness of AI applications, but will also have a profound impact on the self-improvement of machine learning capabilities. And this is expected to be realized in 2019.

4, construct a diverse, deep artificial intelligence assistant

AI technology is increasingly affecting our work and life. Intelligent assistants are the most cost-effective and widely used types, representing Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa. In addition, we also need more types of intelligent tools such as recruitment assistants, enterprise customer service assistants, chat assistants, and scene intelligent dialogue assistants. At the same time, the artificial intelligence assistant's AI level will be more convenient, such as text conversion. More accurate, more accurate retrieval, more reasonable semantic understanding, etc.

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