The latest ceramic body drying technology is strongly promoted in Chaozhou

Recently, the Chaozhou Ceramics Industry Association held a promotion conference on the application of new technology for the drying of ceramic blanks in Fengxi Ceramic City, promoting the latest international ceramic blank drying technology to enhance the production level of the sanitary ceramics industry in Chaozhou City.

At the presentation, drying technology experts from Germany gave a detailed explanation of the new technology. It is reported that sanitary ceramics enterprises in Chaozhou mostly use the residual heat of the kiln to dry the product, or use natural dryness, which can easily cause uneven drying, resulting in product rupture and affecting the production yield. The use of new drying technology will help reduce the product's defective rate, increase production yield, shorten production cycle and delivery cycle, and increase production speed. The sanitary ware companies in our city have actively introduced the German ceramic blank drying equipment and made technological transformations to introduce the waste heat from the kiln into the drying line, which saves the electricity output, reduces the drying cost, and enables the company's green body to reach 98%. %the above.