The place where the air compressor is placed is very important

Since the machine is still in the industrial test stage, a small air compressor is used in the field. At the beginning, the liquid filling machine runs normally. However, the working time is not long. After about tens of thousands of times, the malfunction is gradually increased. It got up and it didn't work very well soon. After inspection and analysis, it was found that the rubber seals of almost all pneumatic components lost their elasticity and could not play a sealing role. In addition, blind ends such as pneumatic reversing valves and logic components were found. There are many colloidal deposits. After inspection and analysis, the key to finding out the above problems is caused by the place where the air compressor is placed. Because the workshop is filled with volatile gases and is accompanied by a lot of dust, these things are directly sucked into the air compressor and then compressed and used by the equipment. At the same time, the air compressor itself leaks a small amount of lubricating oil and air cools to precipitate condensed water. , mixed together, after a long time, the rubber seal corrosion failure.

In response to the above situation, the following two measures were taken immediately: First, the air compressor was removed from the workshop and placed in a well-ventilated cabin to prevent foreign matter from being mixed; Second, a simple filter was designed to strengthen the air source. Purification treatment. After taking the above measures, the existing problems are better solved. The device did not have the above failure during normal operation. From the above examples, the following conclusions can be drawn: the selection of the mass and position of the air compressor itself is very important, which directly affects the quality of the compressed air provided by the air compressor. This in turn affects whether the pneumatic equipment is working properly. It can be seen that the compressed air does not ensure the normal operation of the pneumatic equipment.

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