100L Sanitary High Effective Emulsifying Dosing Machine

  • Model NO.: ZRJ-100
  • Working: Jet Type Homogenizer
  • Application: Viscous Fluid, Semisolid
  • Application Area: Pharmaceutical,Cosmetic,Health Care Products
  • Mixing Drum Shape: Drum
  • Operating type: Continuous Operating
  • Heating Type: Electrical Heating or Steam Heating
  • Size: 2900*2300*2200/3100mm
  • Specification: CE, cGMP
  • HS Code: 8479820090
  • Mixer Type: Homogenizer
  • Stirring Type: Spiral
  • Certification: CE, ISO, Apragaz PED
  • Layout Type: Verticle
  • Additional Capabilities: Milling
  • Condition: New
  • Machine Type: Zrj-100
  • Weight: 1900kg Main Machine
  • Origin: Zhejiang Wenzhou

  Product description
Vacuum emulsifying mixer as a semi solid equipment are suitable for the pharmaceutical & cosmetic industries for making cream, ointment, lotion, soft gel, toothpaste, hair color.
·Material: material contact part SS316L, material non-contact part SS304.
·Customized service: to provide and design total solution as per customer URS
Vacuum emulsifying equipment including:
·Vacuum emulsifying main machine
·Pre-mixing tank for water and oil material
·Vacuum system
·Hydraulic system
·Control system 
·Platform made from SS304
Vacuum emulsifying main machine:
·Slow mixer 0-40rpm with PTFE scraper
·Homogenizer 0-3500rpm (rotor and stator can adjust space)
·Heating by steam or electricity
·Pressure: chamber-0.093Mpa to 0.1Mpa, jacket 0.3Mpa for steam (standard type)
·Upper cover lifting by hydraulic
·Safety limit switch for safety operation
·Upper cover connection: Liquid feed inlet with stainless steel pipe filter, solid material inlet, vacuum inlet, compressed air inlet, breaking vacuum inlet, sight glass, CIP cleaning head, discharging port, dustproof respirator.
Water and oil pre-mixing tank
·High shear mixer 960rpm or slow mixer 60rpm
·Heating by steam or electricity
·Pipeline for material transfer to main emulsifying machine
Vacuum system:
·Water ring type vacuum pump or oil type vacuum pump
·Safety valve for protecting the Water ring type vacuum pump
After finish one batch, customer can choose positive pressure or rotor pump for material out. 

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