PTFE (Teflon) Conveyor Belt

Model NO.: 0204
HS Code: 70195900
 Teflon conveyor belt:
also known as Teflon conveyor belt, iron Teflon conveyor belt, PTFE conveyor belts and high temperature conveyor belt, Teflon conveyor belt conveying Teflon mesh belt and Teflon plain cloth two and two are glass fiber cloth as substrate and coated with teflon resin, Teflon (PTFE) conveyor belt fabric; the Teflon belt is with the thickness to distinguish between specifications, the thinnest up to 0.08mm. Teflon mesh to mesh size to define the specifications, there are 1 x 1 mm, 2 * 2.5mm, 4 x 4 mm, 10 x 10mm, mesh, and according to the longitude and latitude of different single weft and double weft Teflon grid cloth;

 PTFE (Teflon) Conveyor Belt

The features of Teflon conveyor belt
   Teflon conveyor belt of the continuation of the Teflon itself characteristic, has the advantages of high temperature resistance (from low - 140 DEG C to high temperature of 260 DEG C), corrosion resistance (for most chemicals and solvents are not affected), viscous resistance (of resin, paint, chemicals, such as almost all sticky things can easily remove).

PTFE (Teflon) Conveyor Belt

Application of Teflon conveyor belt:
   Plain Teflon tape is resistant to high temperature, table machine small friction coefficient, insulation good characteristics, is widely used in microwave drying, binding machine, printing and dyeing machinery clothing.

PTFE (Teflon) Conveyor Belt

PTFE (Teflon) Conveyor Belt

Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine

 5 tons hydraulic un-coiler:

Hydraulic motor drives. One single-head structure. It has a pressing arm to prevent the coil loose.

Electric uncoiling, hydraulic motor tenses the coil inner.

The max. coil inner-diameter is 508mm.

The max. coil outter-diameter is 1200mm.

The max. width of coil is 1250mm.

The max. capacity is 5 tons.

(2) Roll-Forming M/C:

Welded steel structure base, chains transmit, motor drives it. The machine include the filming device .

The roller is designed by Germany software COPRA, and has FEA analysis, which can promise the product precision.

About12 stations to form; Material of Roller: 45#, with hard chrome coated, polishing,

Voltage:380V/50Hz; Line speed: about 3.5 m/min

(3) Hydraulic pressing/ Cutting:

Stop to press, Stop to cut, Post cut .Cutting tool material: Cr12, pressing tool material:40Cr.

Tolerance of the cutting length ±2mm.

(4) Product Rack

It is 2 parts, 6 meters total.


(5) Hydraulic System:

It offers power for the cutter.

(6) Electrical System:

It uses Siemens PLC system to control the whole line. It can measure and cut the length automatically. Frequency adjusts the speed and it has the self-control speed function.

Human-machine screen, touch screen control. The length can be set in touch screen freely and operation is simple.

The surround connecting wires adopts aviation socket or fast-speed plug.

(7) Safety barrier system

To protect the workers safely when working.

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