At night, all you need is a construction lighting car

Our society is now entering a period of highly intensive construction. There have been new record-breaking high buildings that have been erected, and there have been long-distance highway constructions. Each city or any of its horns has been closely linked together. Behind the large-scale projects are the construction teams on the first line. Sometimes, in order to catch a task, they have to work at night. At this time, they must have good lighting to ensure the normal work at night. This came into being.


The construction lighting vehicle is suitable for providing high brightness and other mobile lighting on the roads and highways. Its high brightness is derived from a lamp called a metal halide. In addition to the common disease of broken lamps, this power is also compared to iodine-tungsten lamps. six times, five times its service life, the most critical is the power consumption is only one-fifth of the halogen lamp, so energy efficient lighting construction vehicle, you deserve!

Let's take a look at some of its basic parameters and deepen our understanding.

[construction lighting car] technical parameters

      Technical parameters: No         parameter name            unit                Value

1 Rated voltage AC 220V

2 light source power W 4x500

3 continuous working hours h 13

4 Generator set output voltage AC/V 220

5 Generator set rated output power W 2000

6 tank rated capacity L 15

7 telescopic cylinder dimensions mm 2000 × 800 × 500

8 lamp tray dimensions mm 50 × 480 × 380

9 luminous flux Lm 4x10000

10 Maximum Lift Height Mm 6000/4500

11 Overall dimensions mm 1350x500x800

Recently, natural disasters have occurred frequently. There have been catastrophic rains in cities, floods, and even geological disasters such as landslides and mudslides. Construction lighting vehicles can not only provide strong lighting during construction, but also generally apply to Flood emergency lighting such as flood prevention, fire fighting, and municipal engineering, construction, emergency repairs, road repairs, and emergency lighting such as emergency lighting for natural disasters can be said to be a good helper for disaster relief (although we don’t want this feature to be useful. universal).

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