Multifunctional cleaning car speaker does not ring solution

The multifunctional cleaning vehicle is a kind of widely used environmental protection vehicle. When the multifunctional cleaning vehicle is normally used, it often uses a horn to remind pedestrians or vehicles on the roadside. However, the horns of some multifunctional cleaning vehicles do not ring with their use. , affecting everyday use. So, how to do if the multifunctional cleaning car horn does not sound? Xiaobian introduces you to the specific horn resolving method, hoping to bring new help to everyone.


Multifunctional cleaning car speaker does not ring solution

1. Check the state of the fuse on the lower speaker to see if it has melted. Then remove the plug from the speaker and carry it out. Use the universal meter to measure the horn switch to see if it has normal power. If the horn switch can be normally energized, most of it is caused by the failure of the horn itself. The nut on the horn needs to be inspected. If it is not available, a new speaker will be replaced; if the horn switch is not energized, the wiring harness and the relay will be carried out. an examination.

2. The multi-function cleaning car horn is a one-time ring, and it does not ring for a while. Most of the horns are caused by poor contact of the horn switch. The new horn switch can be replaced.

Although the multi-function cleaning car horn sounds, the sound is not clear and the sizzling sound is very large. Most of the horns are caused by poor contact of the joint car. The horn may be used too frequently and cause the electric shock of the horn to wear out. In such cases, it is best. The method is also to replace the new speaker.

If the horn sound of the multi-purpose cleaning car is too squeaky, then it should be caused by poor contact of the joint car, especially at every contact point around the steering wheel. Because the horn is used too frequently, it will be prone to wear and tear. Case.

Multifunctional cleaning car speakers do not ring solution is this, in general, when the speaker does not ring when the use of the above three methods can mostly be a good solution. In order to prevent the horn from malfunctioning, it is also necessary to regularly maintain and maintain it in order to prevent it from affecting daily use.

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