High-pressure pipe cleaning vehicle maintenance procedures

The high-pressure pipeline cleaning vehicle is a type of sanitation-specific vehicle, which is powerful and easy to operate. However, in order to ensure the normal operation of special vehicles and to prolong the service life of vehicles, it is necessary to do relevant maintenance measures for such vehicles. However, the maintenance steps for this kind of pipeline cleaning truck are very particular about what you really understand, and look at how the following knowledge is introduced.


First, in the cleaning process of the high-pressure pipeline cleaning vehicle , the temperature above the vehicle body must be reduced to less than sixty degrees to perform cleaning. It is also advisable to maintain the ambient temperature within forty degrees. In addition, the squeegee above the cleaning squirt gun and the vehicle body must be maintained at more than fifteen centimeters, and the order of rinsing of the vehicle must be performed from the top of the vehicle to the two ends in sequence. Before the vehicle is flushed, it is necessary to use a mist-like flow to flush the water at the ends of the vehicle. It is not possible to clean the heat sink of the condenser directly in the mode of the water column to avoid damage to the machine.

A second, high-pressure pipe facing stubborn stains remaining on the cleaning car, we recommend using a good effect after water addition be combined with cotton, scrubbing, wiping again, then wrung water, dipped in professional washing liquid was wiped at stubborn stains . It is possible to clean the high-pressure pipe cleaner to a completely stain-free effect.

Third, when using a high-pressure water gun to clean the cleaning vehicle, it is mainly to use a high-pressure water gun to gradually flush from the top to the bottom of the car body, and to avoid the engine parts of the car, orderly flushing in order to be able to contaminate the mud on the car body. Sand washed away. However, in the process of cleaning the high-pressure pipeline cleaning vehicle, it is necessary to pay attention to the comprehensive flushing of the chassis portion of the vehicle, and thoroughly clean the edge portions of the vehicle, the bending zone, the fender, and the like. In particular, where there is a lot of silt and dirt in the wheel and brake discs, fenders, and front grilles, thorough washing must be done to keep the vehicle clean.

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