Self-service locker is long-term "to occupy" how to solve

During the waiting time, the passengers need to leave temporarily. When there is too much baggage and it is not portable, many passengers will choose to temporarily place the baggage in the station self-service locker . However, since the summer travel, with the increase in the number of tourists from outside the country, the self-service locker originally used to solve the “urgent urgency” at the station has been “overwhelmed” by the expired luggage, and it cannot be recycled. The station reminds that the storage period of the locker is one day. , Fruit foods are easily spoiled and stored as soon as possible. Learn more about the parameters and pricing of self-service lockers please click {Contact Us}
Self-service locker
Self-service locker expired
Since last week, bus stations in the city’s bus stations have ushered in peak passenger flows. The total number of passengers arriving every day is around 80,000 passengers. A total of more than 400 lockers set up at each station have been running at full capacity. Many stored luggage can only be placed in the help desk. However, as more and more luggage is stored, the station staff discovered that the electronic card of the locker began to “fewer and out.” This kind of electronic card is used exclusively to open the locker. Each registered guest will receive a deposit of 10 yuan and get one. According to the regulations of the station, the storage period of the locker is one day. Before the station leaves the station every day, the passenger should take away the stored items and return the electronic card. The station will return the deposit. Each time the deposit is made, the staff will repeatedly ask for this request, and there are also relevant tips on the locker. However, many electronic cards still have not been returned.
Expired food in self-service locker
In order to ensure the cleanliness of the locker, the station will clear the locker before closing the door every day. However, by opening the door of all the cabinets through the central control program, it will be found that many cabinets also have items inside. Some of these "occupied" lockers have only one cup or a gift box, while others are backpacks or some daily necessities and clothes. In a recent clean-up, the station staff found the fruits and food in the locker, which was deteriorating due to high temperature storage. In desperation, the staff must disinfect the cabinets and spray air fresheners after handling these things.
How to deal with hardship temporarily when lost items
Although the regulations stipulate that the stored items should be removed on the same day, the station currently clears items that have exceeded the storage period for more than 7 days, and videotapes are taken during the entire process of cleanup. These overdue items cannot be contacted by the owner of the items. Even if they exceed the deadline, they can only be sent to the Lost and Found Center as lost items. If passengers arrive at the self-service locker at the station and find their own items “disappeared”, they do not have to be alarmed. They can let the staff bring themselves to the Lost and Found Center, and hope that the owners of these extended items can take away their stuff as soon as possible. .

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