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As the name suggests, vehicles that clear road barriers. More are trailers, and associated cranes and flatbed trucks are classified as wreckers. These vehicles are special vehicles for the road administration department and traffic management department (the repair shop can only call rescue vehicles).
★ The wrecker is equipped with lifting, towing, lifting and other devices on the basis of a dedicated cargo chassis, with lift, traction, lifting, lifting platform, back load transport and other functions, convenient and efficient operation, attractive appearance, safe and reliable . Widely used in roads, public security traffic police, airports, docks, auto repair industry and highway companies and other departments, can be timely and quickly clear accidents, failures, violations and other vehicles.
★ According to the ability to clear obstacles, wreckers can be divided into light, medium-heavy and super-heavy; according to the structural characteristics of the operating device, wreckers can be divided into supporting lifting type, supporting crane type, flat-backed type, platform Lift type; According to the special functions of the jib arm and bracket arm in the wrecker, the wrecker can be divided into boom type, jib type, and bracket type (load) type.

Diameter 300mm Test Equipment

It can fit 1~ 8 layers of sieve with a lid and pan.
The Test Equipment can be used to sieve the water content and sticky materials, an ultrasonic set can be added to work together.

Voltage is commonly 220v- 230v / 50 HZ, can be adjustable.

1. Portable sieve, Easy to install and remove, and easy to cleanup
2. Highly control the sieving granularity scale,
3. Excellently improve sieving effect.
4. Screening precision can raise to 1~99%, the timer can be adjusted from to 1 second - 99 mibutes.
5. evenly and consistent aperture, mesh have no wire broken.
6. Durable, have Long use life,

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