American piston giants join hands with Dongfeng to drop ten

On March 26th, the giant piston giant US Federal-Mogul and Dongfeng Auto Parts (Group) Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Dongfeng Auto Parts (Group) Co., Ltd. The newly established joint venture company Dongfenghuihui planned to invest 400 million yuan to settle in Dongfeng, Zhangwan District, Shiyan City. Component Group Industrial Park.

It is understood that the new joint venture Dongfeng Mogile is mainly responsible for the design and production of high-performance piston products for automotive engines, which will help increase the thermal efficiency of traditional energy engines and reduce carbon emissions, so as to meet China's continuously strengthened environmental protection regulations. In 2022, it plans to realize sales revenue of 380 million yuan, and some products will be exported to North America.

Headquartered in Michigan, USA, Federal-Mogul is a leading global manufacturer and service provider of vehicle and industrial equipment components. Currently, it has 12 wholly-owned and joint venture factories in Shanghai, Nanchang, and Qingdao to produce world-leading automotive engines. Bearings, brake pads, lights, pistons and other products.

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