BPW Axle Boosts New Generation of Scania National Tour Exhibition

In order to allow more customers to experience the driver’s intuitive, comfortable, safe feelings and caring services, a new generation of Scania was officially launched in Beijing, and on May 5, 2018, a national tour new car promotion was held. The first stop came to Jinan in Quancheng, where hundreds of people, mainly Scania customers and media from the Shandong region, participated in the event.

A new generation of Scania A new generation of Scania

The Chief Financial Officer of Scania China, Mr. Slander, came to the scene and introduced the development plan. He will continue to invest in building a dealer network to provide excellent support for new products and services that are currently being launched, helping customers achieve higher attendance and more. Convenient maintenance service.

Mr. Slander, Chief Financial Officer of Scania China Mr. Slander, Chief Financial Officer of Scania China

The new generation of S500 also brings new logistics solutions. Through a series of services, Scania can help users achieve higher quality and more efficient business operations and reduce operating costs, just as Scania China Sales Director Ivan Explained “chiyung and intimacy”—smart technology, and intimate design to further enhance customers' own profitability.

Mr. Ivan, Sales Director of Scania China Mr. Ivan, Sales Director of Scania China

With the lion dance stage full of rich Chinese characteristics, the promotion conference began and was officially unveiled in the applause of the crowd. The G/R/S series of the new generation of Scania's three series models debuted. Flat floor The new S-Series cab determines the best way to go, 160mm higher with the Topline cab and 100mm higher with the regular version. The width of the sleeper is also increased to 80-100mm, standard 5 inch video entertainment system, upgraded aerodynamics kit, transmission system, shifting system, etc. Save 6% on fuel consumption.

The R and S series are standard ramp assist systems. As a benchmark in the truck manufacturing industry, it creates a more comfortable environment for drivers. ESP, ACC auto-adaptation system, LDW lane departure control system, etc. all appeared in the new generation of Scania trucks. Improve vehicle safety.

In the next test drive event, Yan Jun, Scania's Chief Trainer, personally guided the pilot to show how the new generation of Scania can meet all your needs.

Scania test drive Scania test drive

There are also display areas around the venue that allow participants to fully understand semi-trailer-related products. Among them, the disc axle of BPW has very high compatibility with “a whole new generation of Scania” and belongs to the high-end product series. It has the characteristics of sensitive braking, high efficiency heat dissipation, special alloy brake discs, etc., especially in line with the impending implementation. The GB7258-2017 standard stipulates that visitors to the booth for consultation, experience, and viewing will be in a continuous stream.

BPW disc axle BPW disc axle

The test drive vehicles introduced in the Scania National Tour New Car also feature van semi-trailers, all with BPW axles as standard. Many enthusiastic guests came to exchange information on the use of the "Royal King" in combination with the BPW axle.

Enthusiastic guests came to exchange information on the use of "Road King" and BPW axles Enthusiastic guests came to exchange information on the use of "Road King" and BPW axles

Zhucheng Zhongwang Logistics Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhang Shengsheng paid great attention to this opportunity to understand new products and personally led the team to the exhibition. During the exchange, Zhang Dong said that Zhongwang Logistics now uses Scanney as the tractor. Asian and semi-trailer all specify the standard BPW axle. The current ratio of tractors and semi-trailers is basically 1:2. The suspension-transport is the mainstay. The team originally did not use all BPW axles at the beginning, but after using the comparison, BPW The product improved the fleet's attendance and overall operating economy, making him decide to use the BPW axle. Now, with the time of the cooperation between the two parties, BPW's high-quality products and services are more and more welcomed and trusted by their companies. At the same time, they are also inspiring us to constantly improve ourselves and win more customers' recognition.

BPW Axle Wins User Approval BPW Axle Wins User Approval

BPW Axle Wins User Approval BPW Axle Wins User Approval

Further enhancing the customer's own profitability, while driving more worry-free and fun, so that customers have confidence in the future after purchasing the product, which is the significance of BWA axle promotion to promote a new generation of Scania National Tour exhibition.


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