In March, the world’s top ten electric vehicle sales model Beiqi EC was the third


According to the global electric vehicle sales data released on the EV Sales website, in March, the global electric vehicle registration volume increased by 53% year-on-year to 141,871 vehicles, which was the second highest monthly sales volume. If we continue to grow at the current rate of increase, then the historic high point of December 2017 is likely to be broken in June this year. In the first quarter of this year, the number of electric vehicle registrations in the world increased by 59% from the same period last year to 304,951 vehicles.


In terms of models, the new Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S and Model X are star models in March. Among them, Leaf delivered a total of 11,105 vehicles, not only setting a record for the best monthly sales of the model, but also the second electric vehicle model with monthly sales of up to five digits. It is predicted that the sales of the pincers will still be above 10,000 in the coming months.

Tesla's two models, as usual, are still peaking at the end of the quarter. Model X has sold 7,115 vehicles globally, the best result in six months. According to reports, although the Model 3 sold 3,820 vehicles and reached a new high, it has not yet reached the top 10. The Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid surpassed the BYD Soong plug-in hybrid to rise to third place and became the best-selling hybrid model in March.

This time into the top ten models, there are a total of 4 Chinese models on the list. Compared with February, BAIC EC is still in third place, JAC iEV remains at No. 6, while BYD SONG has dropped to seventh place, and BYD Qin has dropped to 10th.

In March, the market share of pure electric vehicle sales increased to 60%. The website predicts that the market share of pure electric vehicles will continue to increase this year, and it is very likely that it will have a 65% higher share in 2017.

First quarter global electric car brand top ten

In March, Tesla delivered 19,209 electric vehicles globally, setting a new brand record. In addition to Tesla, Nissan’s monthly electric vehicle sales exceeded 10,000 units to 11,203 units; Volkswagen’s monthly sales of 8,301 units set a monthly record for 27 months; Reynolds broke the historical record, delivering a total of 5,734 in March. Electric vehicles; Mitsubishi is setting the best sales results since 2015.


Among the top ten global sales brands, there are four major Chinese brands. Among them, BYD ranked second with 13,115 units sold; while BAIC sales increased by 24% year-on-year, the ranking dropped to fifth place. In addition to the top ten list, Chevrolet has lost 150 points with the top ten. Mitsubishi's cumulative sales in the first quarter of 9,200 jumped from the previous obscure to 12th.

From a country perspective, in March, the global market share of electric vehicle sales in China fell by 2 percentage points to 36%. Thanks to the sharp increase in Nissan Leaf sales, Japan’s market share rose to 14%, while Germany (20 The market share of %) and the United States (15%) has changed little.

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