Collapsing electric butterfly valve fault and maintenance

If you do not carefully check the valve usage and performance specifications before installing the wafer-type electric butterfly valve, then the following common faults may occur for the clip-on electric butterfly valve: the valve cannot be reversed or the reversing movement is slow, the gas leaks, and the electromagnetic Failure of the pilot valve.

(1) The clip-on type electric butterfly valve cannot be reversed or reversed slowly. It is generally caused by poor lubrication, stuck or damaged springs, oil or foreign matter stuck on the sliding part. In this regard, it should first check whether the work of the oil mister is normal; whether the viscosity of the oil is suitable. If necessary, replace the lubricating oil, clean the sliding part of the wafer-type electric butterfly valve, or replace the spring and wafer-type electric butterfly valve.

(2) The clip-type electric butterfly valve is prone to wear of the valve core seal, damage to the valve stem and the valve seat after prolonged use, resulting in gas leakage inside the valve, slow movement of the valve, or failure in normal commutation. At this point, the seal, stem, and valve seat should be replaced, or the wafer-type electric butterfly valve replaced.

(3) If the electromagnetic pilot valve inlet and outlet holes are blocked by mud and other debris, loose seal, active iron core is jammed, circuit failure, etc., can lead to the clip-type electric butterfly valve can not be normal commutation. For the first three cases, the sludge and impurities on the pilot valve and moving core should be cleaned. The circuit fault is generally divided into control circuit faults and electromagnetic coil faults.

Before checking the circuit failure, the manual knob of the wafer-type electric butterfly valve should be rotated several times to see whether the wafer-type electric butterfly valve can be normally commutated under the rated pressure. If the normal commutation is possible, the circuit is faulty. During the inspection, the meter can be used to measure the voltage of the solenoid to see if it has reached the rated voltage. If the voltage is too low, the power supply in the control circuit and the associated trip switch circuit should be further checked.

If the wafer-type electric butterfly valve cannot be normally commutated at the rated voltage, check whether the electromagnetic coil's connector (plug) is loose or the contact is not true. The method is to remove the plug and measure the resistance of the coil. If the resistance is too large or too small, it means that the electromagnetic coil is damaged and it should be replaced.

Newly purchased wafer-type electric butterfly valve should be installed in a timely manner after unpacking. Generally, the valve manufacturers will debug the valve before leaving the factory. Do not loosen the parts on the valve at will. If you must check, you need to contact the manufacturer first.

PP Spunbond Composite Nonwovens Production Line

Main technical features
1. The meltblown system can be lifted and lowered as a whole to adjust the process, and it can also be spun off-line as a whole to facilitate the production operation and the connection of various systems.
2. The components of the melt blown system are fast changing. This patented technology reduces the replacement time by 95% compared with the traditional way, and is easy to operate, which greatly improves the production efficiency and economic benefits.
3. The meltblown system adopts the unique low-pressure spinning technology, with low energy consumption, simple equipment and convenient use.
4. The frame structure suitable for high-speed production is adopted in the netting machine. The anti-static screen, preloading roller and idler are used for active frequency control to ensure the consistency and uniform trafficability of the fiber web.
AC variable frequency speed regulation, full digital communication synchronization, high degree of automation, perfect man-machine control interface, achieve man-machine separation in high-speed production, safe and reliable.

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