CSIC successfully developed sea-mounted wind power 5MW offshore wind turbine

CSIC successfully developed sea-mounted wind power 5MW offshore wind turbine

China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry News,
July 27 The prototype of the 5MW offshore wind turbine developed independently by CSIC Heavy Industry Group was successfully launched at the Chongqing Haizhuang Wind Power Assembly Production Base. The wind power generator with completely independent intellectual property rights, is the world similar models "maximum rotor diameter, head lightest weight, highest generating capacity" of the unit, marking China's wind power innovative technologies to obtain new breakthroughs. Dong Qiang, deputy general manager of CSIC, Tong Xiaoping, deputy mayor of Chongqing, assistant to the general manager of CSIC, director of the National Offshore Wind Power Engineering Technology Research Center, Yang Benxin, chairman of Haifeng Wind Power Co., and Sun Jianke, chief engineer of CSIC, attended the ceremony. .

  As the only authorized “5MW Offshore Wind Turbine Key Core Technology Development Unit ” and “ National Offshore Wind Power Engineering Technology Research Center ” , the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, in the process of developing 5MW offshore wind turbines, the “ military and civilian technology integration ” and “ central enterprises” " Integration with local governments " , " integration of central enterprises and central enterprises " , " international and domestic integration " , " integration of production , study and research " , build an elite team, adhere to standardization, serialization, modularization, and strengthen a number of research institutes and enterprises affiliated with the group company Cooperation will form a “ full industry chain ” pattern within the group . The wind turbines from the blades, gearboxes, generators, control systems, to the hub, tower, lubrication system and other key components are completed by the members of the group company, especially the wheel hub and gearbox break through the manufacturing limit, guaranteeing the first prototype of 5MW The success of the line. The 5MW offshore wind turbine achieves the “ three most ” in the same type of machine , that is, “the largest diameter of the wind wheel, the lightest weight of the machine head and the highest power generation ” , which not only greatly improves the utilization efficiency of wind resources, but also the wind field. Lifting work provides safety and portability.

  It is reported that the 5MW offshore wind turbine will be transported to the Jiangsu Rudong National Offshore Demonstration Wind Farm on the coast of the Yellow Sea. At present, the basic pile-sinking project of the prototype has been completed, and it is planned to realize grid-connected power generation within the year.

Hydraulic Mount:

widely used in the suspension is divided into three categories,like traditional suspension of pure rubber mount,or Rubber Absorber, as well as Hydraulic Mount or Hydraulic Suspension of better dynamic and static performance.

The shape of rubber parts is not restricted, the stiffness can be chosen freely in a certain range, with spatial spring characteristic, load can withstand multiple directions; using friction damping, can absorb vibration and impact energy is good; and easy to bond metal firmly together, greatly simplified and fixed the supporting structure, so that the overall quality of the suspension reduced; structure has the advantages of simple process, low cost, suitable for mass production; convenient use and maintenance. Because of these advantages, the rubber mounting has widely used in most of the cars.



Pure rubber suspension consists of rubber bushing (or other sulfide pieces) and the bracket, and the hydraulic mount is apart from the main rubber spring, but also the internal filling the special liquid (usually ethylene glycol), the runner plate, decoupling piece, composed of cups and other parts to a certain structure.


Performance requirement:

(1) Good vibration isolation performance, soft requirement in vertical direction;

(2) Larger lateral rigidity and stability of supporting body;

(3) Good durability.


How to design and select good auto suspension:

In the structural design of body mounting device location settings, select the number of points of suspension, determine the characteristics of suspension form and elastic rubber pad, we should consider the following aspects:

(1) The vehicle structure stiffness distribution relationship between the frame and the body and the stiffness of the transfer;

(2) Frame and body assembly connection position accuracy;

(3) The stability of the vibration isolation effect and the exercise of the body;

(4) The frame vibration and vibration;

(5) Suspension rubber pad device in the stress condition and durability;

(6) Stress of the frame.

Hydruaulic Mount

Hydraulic Mount

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