Drying equipment manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry take risks far greater than other equipment

Drying equipment

Because the technical content of pharmaceutical equipment is not high, and the entry threshold for the industry is low, when GMP certification was carried out for pharmaceutical companies in China, the demand for equipment from pharmaceutical companies rose significantly, making small and medium-sized equipment companies fire up all night. Since most enterprises start at a low level, mainly relying on imitation of foreign equipment, there is no high technical demand, resulting in a serious phenomenon of duplication of the same product, affecting the overall level of technology.


Pharmaceutical drying equipment

Taking drying equipment as an example, the vast majority of home-made drying equipment is supplied to the domestic market and is rarely exported to foreign countries. Even occasional export prices are not impressive. Although China has a large number of drying equipment factories, these plants are mainly concentrated in several regions. One of the important reasons why this situation is caused is that drying equipment is easy to copy, and dozens or even hundreds of companies produce the same model. Cause you can do what I can do, you can't do what I can't do. The brochures and promotional materials of each company are exactly the same, and the content is strikingly similar. Patented products are even more irrelevant, resulting in a featureless product for each manufacturer. Many drying equipment manufacturers produce the same model, the result is a price competition, the transaction is not backed by the technical content of the equipment, but to win with a low price. It is well known that drying equipment is produced in one piece and in one piece. Each device has a certain amount of intellectual investment, and mental work is accompanied by the whole process of drying equipment manufacturing. However, in the economic negotiation with manufacturers, there is almost no technical content in the price of equipment, which means that the drying equipment is completely equivalent to general general equipment. However, the risk borne by dryer equipment manufacturers is much greater than other equipment. Without the economical accumulation of drying equipment manufacturers, there will be no technical development costs, and it would be easy to imagine the emergence of new models in recent decades. On the other hand, previous unfavorable technology protection is also one of the important reasons for the low enthusiasm of developers. Drying equipment nameless brand products, developers have paid a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources, but once the new model is introduced to the market, in a very short period of time there will be a number of imitation products, a new round of price competition to start again.

Modern industrial production emphasizes continuous production and mass production so as to reduce production costs and maximize profits. However, due to industry competition and technological level constraints, many pharmaceutical equipment companies' products are often unsatisfactory in durability. Some pharmaceutical companies in the domestic multinational pharmaceutical giants do not consider home-made equipment when they purchase. The reason is that the durability of the equipment is poor. Although domestic equipment has a certain price advantage, but from the long-term use point of view, pharmaceutical companies use imported equipment, high efficiency, good quality, cost recovery is not slower than domestic goods.

In addition, there are a large number of stand-alone machines in domestic equipment, and there are few production lines. There are not many manufacturers of pharmaceutical equipment that can provide production lines. The configuration of the electromechanical components that are matched with the equipment is also a short board for domestic equipment. Such as drying equipment, a complete drying system consists of a variety of equipment, drying is a comprehensive technology involving a variety of disciplines, in addition to the technology itself, drying, can not do without other aspects of knowledge. For example, heating systems involve heat exchange or combustion technologies; electrical appliances involve automatic control technologies; dust removal and purification systems involve heterogeneous separation technologies; and sometimes they also involve environmental protection knowledge. The combination of many existing equipment and various equipment is unreasonable. The phenomenon of so-called big horse-drawn cars is extremely common, causing unnecessary waste. Mainly in the system design, can not consider the relationship between various parameters and supporting equipment according to the actual situation. For example, convection dryers are designed with different locations in which the equipment is installed, the air volume and the heat load of the heat exchange equipment are not the same, resulting in different types of fans, and such examples are numerous. In addition, the level of standardization and serialization of equipment is also relatively backward, and the interchangeability is poor, that is, the interchangeability of equipment produced by the same manufacturer is not satisfactory. Some foreign manufacturers compile numbers of all products of the factory, as long as the user asks which number of parts to provide the same parts as the original, and the user is very convenient when repairing the equipment. The reliability of the parameters given in the specifications of many domestic manufacturers is not high, and the equipment specifications are too rough and incomplete, which increases the difficulty of user selection.

In terms of appearance, Chinese enterprises are even more difficult to pay attention to. On the other hand, the practice of enterprises in our country is to look at hard indicators, that is, equipment handling, work efficiency, and seldom look at the appearance. Second, domestically produced equipment often wins at low prices, making it difficult to add more value to the appearance, making it difficult to upgrade the appearance of the equipment.

In the competition, homogeneity is the biggest drawback and eliminates some common equipment. For some special drugs, special equipment is needed. On the one hand, equipment companies need to actively consider the downstream pharmaceutical manufacturers. On the other hand, pharmaceutical manufacturers need to communicate with equipment companies. But this will inevitably increase the investment in technology research and development. In the filial, chaotic pharmaceutical equipment industry, only a few large companies can do it. Therefore, the industry reshuffle is inevitable.

For example, in terms of special needs, dry equipment has severe shortcomings such as highly toxic drugs, high-temperature drugs, viscous drugs, flammable and explosive drugs, and low-melting-point drugs, which have become a constraint on domestic drying equipment to increase competitiveness and go abroad. bottleneck.

With the further intensification of domestic competition in the pharmaceutical equipment industry, homogenization of products and backward technology have become increasingly clear. Foreign equipment is also attempting to solve the general problems in China's general market. Only self-diagnosis and treatment can be carried out. After the pain, internal and external upgrades can be made before we can step out of the blue sky of pharmaceutical equipment in China.

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