·The 863 plan stepless automatic transmission research and development project passed the acceptance

On July 17, 2012, the “Eleventh Five-Year” National 863 Program “Research and Development of Continuously Variable Transmission” in the field of modern transportation technology was accepted by the expert group in Beijing.
Through the research and development of this subject, China has mastered the transmission system, electro-hydraulic system, lock-up clutch technology, control and matching calibration technology of the stepless automatic transmission, and developed a torque range covering 147-230 Nm, which can match the 1.5-2.4L displacement engine. Continuously variable transmission products. By the end of June 2012, 3,500 sets of stepless automatic transmission products have been installed on Chery A3, E5, New Oriental Son and Raychem G3, and put them on the market in batches.
The results of this project have enhanced the independent development capability of China's stepless automatic transmission, forming a stepless automatic transmission product with independent intellectual property rights, breaking the monopoly of foreign companies on the stepless automatic transmission products, thus achieving technological breakthroughs, mass production, The goal of replacing imports, reducing vehicle costs, and improving vehicle performance has laid the foundation for improving the competitiveness of China's own brand vehicles.

Prism  is a transparent optical element with flat, polished surfaces that refract light. At least two of the flat surfaces must have an angle between them. The exact angles between the surfaces depend on the application,prism: In optics, piece of glass or other transparent material cut with precise angles and plane faces, useful for analyzing and reflecting light.

Dispersive prism can be used to break light up into it's constituent spectral colors(the color of the rainbow).Furthermore, prisms can be used to reflect light or to split light into components with different polarizations.

Optical Prism include Right Angle Prism.Equilateral Dispersing Prism. Dove Prism .Corner Cube Reflectors.Beamsplitter, Powell prism, dove prism, wedge prism, penta prism etc.


dove prism

right angle prism

round corner right angle prism

Optical Prisms

Optical Prisms,Optical Right Angle Prism,Optical Equilateral Prism,Glass Optical Triangular Prism

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