Yuchai Group Signs Cooperation Agreement with Dedicate Company and Dongte Company

On the morning of April 17, at Yuchai Power Building, Yuchai Group and Hubei Dali Company and Suizhou Dongte Company formally signed a cooperation agreement, signifying that the tripartite cooperation project on special vehicles was formally launched in the legal sense and entered into substantive implementation. stage.
The signing of this cooperation agreement is to break through the development bottleneck of the Yuchai special-purpose vehicle sector. Yuchai Group decided to set up an investment platform in the industry-focused city of Suizhou, Hubei Province. Through further resource integration, the continuous and healthy development of the steam engine segment will be realized. .
Prior to the signing ceremony, Yu Ping, Chairman of the Board of Yuchai Group, Gu Tangsheng, President of Yuchai Gas Company, Du Futian, etc., and Zhang Yichao, Chairman of Suizhou Dongte Automobile Co., Ltd., and Wang Shuaibing, Chairman of Hubei Dali Special Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The group held sincere and friendly talks.
Junping said that the three parties have been sincerely looking forward to each other in the previous negotiation and promoted the final realization of the cooperation project. After signing the agreement, it is hoped that Dongte and Dali will continue to understand Yuchai Group more deeply, sincerely communicate, frankly and sincerely, be open and inclusive, and give full play to the role of the elite team of shareholders and Yuchai’s advantages in the industry. , Expand the influence of cooperation projects and achieve a win-win situation for the three parties.
Zhang Yichao and Wang Shuaibing said that they are very grateful to Yuchai Group for this rare opportunity for cooperation and development. Dongte Company and Dali Company will do their utmost to actively cooperate with every project of the cooperation project and increase the intensity of communication and exchange of cooperation projects. , strive to build the cooperation projects of special vehicles to the best and promote the excellent development of the three parties.
Since March 2011, Yuchai Group has carried out a one-year inspection of Suizhou Dongte Company and Hubei Dali Company, and finally decided to merge vigorous company and Dongte Company so that Yuchai Group will use its own brand and service network. , financing, management and Other advantages, combined with the existing product advantages of Dongte Company, Dali Company, mature manufacturing technology and successful marketing, rapidly expanding and seizing the market, achieving synchronous and rapid development of brand, scale and benefit, and furthering the company's further leapfrogging Development, occupying a place in the field of special vehicle segmentation.

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