High efficiency and durable engine

As the most important component in a transportation vehicle, the engine is an important factor that can determine which vehicle a user chooses. Chery's first high-end light truck, the ISF engine equipped by the Karry Green Card , is Cummins ’s heavily invested and newly researched and strategically produced product in China. It not only adapts to the domestic road conditions, but also realizes global synchronization of technology, taking into account environmental protection, power, and fuel economy. Lightweight, reliable and low-noise, it is a highly efficient and durable engine that is currently very popular in urban logistics.

Kai Rui Green Card

Kai Rui Green Card

Strong and efficient

The Karry Green Card uses Cummins Lightweight Flagship Power ISF2.8 and ISF3.8 engines. Compared with the conventional single power of Isuzu 4J and 4K - 85kw and 96kw, this engine has a wider coverage of 96~110kW, which can meet the needs of different users; the torque is more than 30mm higher than 4J and 4K. %, up to 360Nm. The large torque and strong power greatly improve the acceleration performance and climbing ability of the car.

The newly designed lightweight cylinder block and cylinder head, without cylinder liners, weighs only 214 kg for the engine assembly and plays an important role in the lightweighting of the vehicle. On this basis, the overhead camshaft four valve technology, the new generation of Bosch fuel system and the high-end equipment of the Cummins booster system give the Cummins engine a very high intake efficiency and fuel injection pressure, fuel more fully, and ultimately realize the open green card The fuel consumption per kilometer at a constant speed of 90 km/h is only 8L. It can be seen that the powerful and efficient engine is an important aspect of the Kairui Green Card as an engine for transporting city forces and efficient logistics professionals.

Reliable and durable

The Cummins engine is equipped with intake air heating, oil heating, and fuel heating system. It is superior in high and low temperature performance and can be used normally under minus 40°C air temperature conditions. It is equipped with an electric grid heating system to make the engine run smoothly at minus 25°C. Start, strong starting performance. The reliable and durable product features achieve its long service life, requiring only the first maintenance of 20,000 kilometers, over 500,000 kilometers of overhaul mileage to ensure the efficient operation of the Karry Green Card. However, there are only 300,000 kilometers of similar domestic products.

Cummins Engine

Cummins Engine

Cummins Engine adopts a modular design concept. The number of components is 40% less than that of similar products. Not only is the volume significantly reduced, but the weight is significantly reduced, and more importantly, it greatly facilitates the user's use and maintenance, and reduces the user's vehicle cost.

Effective noise reduction

In terms of noise control, the engine of the Kerry Green Card is also a technical expert. The first is the embossed cylinder, which reduces the noise in the cylinder; the synthetic oil sump is then sealed very well; there is also a glass fiber valve housing cover, which once again enhances the sealing performance and closes the noise tightly, thereby greatly reducing engine noise. . It is through this new design and the use of new materials that the Kerry Green Card gives the occupants a quiet and comfortable driving experience.

Easy upgrade

One factor that has to be taken into consideration when selecting a logistics vehicle and understanding its equipped engines is that the National IV emission standard will be implemented next year. In this regard, Cummins has given the user a sure-footed pill. With leading technology, Cummins Engine has already reached the national IV emission standards in advance, and can easily upgrade to the country V, to lift the concerns of the users of the Rui Rui green card.

after-sale warranty

The advantages of the Karry Green Card come not only from the use of engine-leading technology, but also on the basis of strong cooperation. With the in-depth cooperation with Cummins, the Kerry Green Card ensures the high quality and worry-free service of the engine. Cummins will also fully support the development of the Kerry Green Card, not only providing world-class power products to support the product upgrades and performance optimization of the Kerry Green Card, but will also collaborate with Cummins domestic and global distribution service platforms to ensure the provision of comprehensive after-sale protection to the Kerry Green Card users.

With powerful engines, environmentally friendly, reliable and durable engines, the Kerry Green Card has become a representative of high-efficiency light trucks, adapting to the stringent requirements of high quality, high efficiency, low fuel consumption and low emissions in urban logistics. For users, these product features mean higher attendance and higher operational efficiency. They are also the true value of high-end light trucks, enabling them to bring efficient logistics and a smooth and assured transport experience.

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