Used car engine recognition skills

Many friends always have a lot of worries when buying a used car. They are afraid to buy a damaged car or a car with a problematic engine. Therefore, they always look for expert advice. Here, we will teach you how to identify the problem engine.


What components are most important to the car? The engine is beyond doubt. Well, the car's engine is just like our heart, and it is always driving the car. When buying and picking used cars, many friends have a concern. They are afraid to pick an accident vehicle when buying a car and there is a problem with the engine. In fact, there are some minor skills in the selection of the soul components such as the engine. As long as you carefully pick the car, you will certainly have no problem. First of all, it depends on whether there is an oil leakage around the engine body.

If there is such a problem, it shows that the internal needs of the engine maintenance. The seals on each cylinder need to be replaced. Looking deeper, if the various hoses have a very uneven sealant hit.

It is unfortunate to tell you that the car's engine has been overhauled and overhauled. Just like the human heart undergoes a bypass surgery, it will surely cause such minor problems in future use! And if the engines are overhauled, this vehicle has already run at least 300,000 kilometers.

There is a terrible spark plug. If it seems that the coils are not connected well, it will be uncomfortable to use them. Here we need to introduce the spark plug. The spark plug has two functions: First, it generates sparks in the combustion chamber, ignites the mixed gas and then generates power. Second, in the sealed spark plug hole, used to maintain the pressure inside the cylinder. Usually the high voltage power supplied to the spark plug from the ignition coil through the distribution board through the wire is about 20,000 to 30,000 volts, plus the electrode of the spark plug must often be in a high temperature combustion chamber and above about 45 times atmospheric pressure, but also To maintain a high degree of airtightness, therefore, in such a harsh environment, the quality and durability of spark plugs will directly affect the performance of the engine, so we must pay attention.

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