How to Maintain the Six-position Vehicle Transporter Braking System

For gas-specific car brake systems. Always check the working conditions of the air pump and the wear of the air pump belt. If problems are found, they must be promptly replaced. China's Special Purpose Vehicle Production Base - Shandong Liangshan Hongsheng Automobile Trailer Industrial Park welcomes you!
Dedicated vehicle braking system for daily maintenance or 4 specifications of heavy-duty brake fluid. Be careful not to put the brake fluid on the paint, the special brake system for daily maintenance <or 4 of the heavy-duty brake fluid specification. Be careful not to put the brake fluid on the paint. Dedicated vehicle braking system for daily maintenance <or 4 heavy duty brake fluid specification. Be careful not to brake on the paint. Because it is very corrosive, it will destroy the topcoat.
If there is a total shortage of brake fluid for a long period of time. It is obvious that there is something wrong with your special car brake system. Checking the color of the brake oil will also warn you. Brake fluid should not be too dark, and you are always adding. Nor should it look like burned. If this is the case, then there is a problem but this will not happen often. Because special semi-trailers generally have to perform special functions. Only to repair the brake system for special vehicles. In this way, it is very likely that the failure of the brakes due to unexpected failures will cause a disaster. Therefore, the dedicated car brake system is very important for the safety of the car. However, the maintenance of special-purpose vehicle brake systems is often overlooked by the driver. It often waits until it finds that the brake system for a particular car is not working properly. Only regular maintenance and maintenance of special-purpose vehicle brake systems can ensure the normal operation of the special-purpose vehicle brake system, thereby ensuring safe driving. The brake system for special cars of cars and minivans mainly uses brake oil to transmit braking force, while large passenger cars and heavy goods vehicles use pneumatic special-purpose vehicle brake systems. There are different ways to maintain different brake systems for special vehicles.
The special vehicle brake system maintenance principle reveals the secret: The brake pad replacement cycle I usually use the brake indicator light on the instrument panel as the judgment basis for changing the brake shoe. However, this is the final bottom line. If it is only then, it is quite equivalent. Danger. To remind you that although all vehicles have this type of warning system, some directly sense the thickness of the brake shoe, while others have brake shoes that have been completely worn out, and the brake fluid is therefore extremely low, causing the warning light to light up. If the latter is the case, wait until the warning light is on. Fan Hong, Manager of Shandong Hongsheng Automobile Co., Ltd. analyzes that the metal base and brake disc of the brake pad are already in the state of iron grinding. At this time, the bright iron will be seen near the edge of the wheel. Therefore, each time you enter the plant maintenance, you must check whether the brake pads can be used, and replace the brake pads near the end of life limit earlier instead of just believing the warning lights.
Regularly check the thickness of the brake pads or brake shoes. No matter what brake system of a particular car is used, it is ultimately braked by the brake disc type or brake shoe type. Therefore, check the thickness of the brake pads or brake shoes regularly. When it is found that its thickness is close to or less than the minimum thickness specified by the manufacturer, it should be replaced immediately. Check the brake pads at the same time. If there is a dent on the contact surface, the disc or light drum should be promptly used to ensure the contact area with the brake pad to increase the braking force. According to the structure, there are three types of vehicle transport vehicles, namely double-bridge twins, double-bridge single-tires, and single-bridge twins; they are divided into skeleton type, semi-closed type, and closed type according to their appearance. The chariot is also known as the vehicle transporter, big strange, two strange and so on. According to the structure of the rear axle of the carriage, we can divide the carriage into two single-shaft and two-axle double-tires. Skeleton-type carriages, that is, the side panels are composed of columns, without side masks, no front and top sheets. This type of car has a light weight, low cost, and low fuel consumption, but it is inconvenient when transporting goods, and the car is easily damaged. The semi-trailer of a semi-trailer structure is adopted for the cargo transportation part of the semi-trailer. Mainly to carry cars, but also loaded vans, commercial vehicles, jeep and other passenger cars.
1, the body is a rod, cabinet structure, light structure, light weight, mostly for the upper and lower loading platform, the platform using hydraulic cylinders will open, wire rope pulley structure, smooth lifting, high degree of positioning and so on.
2. Lightweight structure: The entire vehicle adopts a truss structure and the whole frame is carried. Without the semi-trailer's stringer structure, it has light weight and is about 30% lighter than the weight of similar vehicles.
3, safe and convenient operation: all loading and unloading platform lifting control operation is reliable, can be clearly observed and accurate operation.
4. Suspension system: The unique leaf spring under-mounted suspension system, variable cross-section leaf spring, good ride comfort.
The trolleys can be made of different lengths according to customer requirements. The frame is a welded I-beam, and the entire vehicle body is fully automated with SAW and CO2 gas shielded welding. After the completion of welding shot blasting, in order to eliminate welding stress and improve the paint adhesion, so that the quality is stable, beautiful appearance. The upper chassis can be divided into two to three blocks, with chain hoists and cylinders to adjust the height. The closed front piece is made of stamped small corrugated board skin, and the side is made of small corrugated board or stamped corrugated board skin, and the top is equipped with a tent pole and a tarpaulin. The vehicle has a tool box, spare tire frame, and a drip brake system to improve the safety of vehicle transportation
For the brake on the oil road. Immediately check the brake fluid for leaks. Brake oil absorbs moisture from the air and checks the brake fluid level before leaving the vehicle. If you find that the oil level drops. It will expire after a long time. The brake oil should be replaced regularly according to the manufacturer's regulations. It is good to change it once a year.

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