Vacuum pump current development trend

Vacuum pump current development trend

Oil-based rotary vane vacuum pumps and water ring vacuum pumps are widely used general-purpose equipment. Keeping abreast of the trend of technological development in China's vacuum pump industry, accurately grasping the development trend of vacuum pump technology is the basis for the growth of China's vacuum pump companies. The development of vacuum pump technology, like the development of other industries, is driven by market demand. In the 21st century, under the background of the huge demand arising from high-tech development in the environmental protection and electronics fields and sustainable development in the world, technological changes have been brought about in many industries and fields including the pump industry. improve dramatically. The development trend of vacuum pump technology The driving force of technological development lies in the market demand. Due to the expansion of vacuum technology and the rapid development of new and high technologies, the domestic vacuum pump market puts forward higher requirements for vacuum pump technology. The vacuum pump manufacturers must keep the original market through technological innovation and product structure adjustment, and continue to expand market share.

(1) Improve the reliability of vacuum pumps, reduce vibration and noise, and pay attention to the comprehensive level of vacuum pumps. Over the past few years, the production plant has focused on the main performance indicators of vacuum pumps, such as extreme pressure, pumping speed, etc., while ignoring the overall performance of vacuum pumps. Now, the reliability of products, the stability of performance, and the absence of pollution to the environment have gradually become the main factors that users consider when purchasing products. For rotary vane pumps, Roots pumps, and slide valve pumps, mature reliability design concepts should be applied to the design of vacuum pumps, and efforts should be made in reliability design and reliability experiments to greatly improve the reliability of vacuum pumps. , stability and life, to ensure that the vacuum pump can be a long-term reliable operation under various conditions. At the same time, it adopts new technologies, new materials, new processes, and new structures to reduce vibration and noise, solve pump injection and oil leakage problems, and provide users with a clean and environmentally-friendly working environment.

(2) The development of vacuum pumps is personalized and diversified. The company is always faced with a changing market, and our vacuum pump products are exactly the same. The inconsistency of products and markets has caused us to lose many opportunities. The next step in the development of vacuum pumps should be personalized and diversified. The so-called individuation and diversification is aimed at the different needs of different users, designing a product for a certain user's specific occasion, so that the product is applied in this occasion, and the characteristics of it play just as good.

(3) The mass production of molecular pumps and dry pumps will be formed as soon as possible. According to the forecast of the vacuum pump, China will become the second largest semiconductor integrated circuit market in the world by 2016, with a total demand of about 100 billion pieces, reaching a total amount of more than US$100 billion. It is necessary to build more than 30 large-scale production lines to meet demand. About 15,000 dry vacuum pumps are required for 30 production lines, which is about 1/10 of the annual output of vacuum pumps in China.

(4) At present domestic vacuum-recovery equipment is still dominated by traditional vacuum pumps, mainly rotary vane vacuum pumps, slide valve vacuum pumps, Roots vacuum pumps, steam flow pumps, water ring vacuum pumps, etc., and all of them are used in traditional industries. Vacuum pumps produced in China Less than 1% for the electronic information industry, compared with Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries a huge gap. The production of dry vacuum pumps in China is at an early stage. Among the 200 companies that produce vacuum pumps in the country, less than 10 companies are capable of producing dry vacuum pumps, and the annual output is less than 1,000 units. No mass production has been formed.

(5) The vast majority of dry pumps produced in the country are used in laboratories and in the fields of chemistry and medicine, and are rarely used in the semiconductor industry. The rapid development of China's electronic information industry has not effectively stimulated the development of domestic dry vacuum pumps, but it has become the expansion of vacuum industrial developed countries in the world.

(6) In domestic semiconductor integrated circuit production lines, almost all dry vacuum pumps (including other vacuum equipment) are imported, mainly from the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, and the United States. The domestic production of dry vacuum pumps is very difficult to enter the field, making the dry vacuum pump, the leading product of vacuum-acquisition equipment in the future, in a very difficult position in our country. The main reason for this situation is that the dry vacuum pump started relatively late in China. It has just faced the development of mature products abroad and has entered the Chinese market in large quantities. The domestic products are not only low in price, but also in processing and manufacturing, technical level, and quality status. There are no advantages in all aspects. The products of foreign countries have basically divided up the domestic market after several years of competition, and have stood firm. The domestic dry vacuum pump production has lost the motivation of the market and has made slow progress due to the loss of market incentives. . Industry experts agree that the dry vacuum pump is the direction of vacuum development equipment, and is also the "tip" technology of vacuum means. China's vacuum pump industry must make a difference in this field, first enter the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. After nurturing and training in these markets, they have entered the semiconductor industry. In order to make the entire industry advance with the times. At present, domestic molecular pumps should improve the series and develop many varieties, such as low-temperature molecular pumps, compound molecular pumps, etc., and gradually expand the market.

(7) Grasp the adjustment of product structure and fully develop products that meet the market demand Traditional vacuum equipment We have been producing for decades and have formed a stable pattern of product distribution nationwide. However, with the rapid economic development, information technology, aerospace, nano-science and other high-tech bows have led the trend of today's science and technology development. The development of these new and high technologies is inseparable from the vacuum acquisition of equipment. The current domestic situation is that vacuum pump manufacturers still produce traditional products, occupying more than 90% of the market share in traditional applications. In the high-tech field, domestic products cannot meet the requirements in terms of technology and quality, and more than 90% of the market share is occupied by foreign products. The development of domestic vacuum products and high technology is seriously out of line, and the product structure is not reasonable. Most companies expect to increase their profits year by year, relying on existing old products and increasing their output. This possibility will become smaller and smaller as market competition becomes increasingly fierce. In the face of today's domestic and international market pattern, it is the most sensible choice to adjust the product structure as soon as possible so that it can meet market demands. The adjustment of product structure First, we must continue to introduce the market needs of the road products, the vacuum pump market is to speed up the development of a variety of dry pumps, molecular pumps and other high-end products, as soon as possible to form batches. Second, the entire industry must form a reasonable layout of high, medium and low-end products, and with the changes in the market, continue to adjust and always maintain a more reasonable product structure. Although the vacuum industry has made remarkable achievements in the new year, the current status of vacuum pump technology development is not optimistic. The entire industry must carefully analyze the situation, sum up experiences and lessons, and unite as one to create an industry development and technological progress.

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