Schaeffler and DMG-Silicon combine global marketing

On October 9, 2015, Schaeffler Group, the world's leading industrial product supplier, recently signed a cooperation agreement with Demagensen GmbH (DMG) in Shanghai to become a global supplier of bearings and linear guidance systems. Exclusive marketing partner.

Schaeffler and Demagensin signed global marketing agreement Schaeffler and Demagensin signed global marketing agreement

Dr. Ludig Kapitsa, CEO of Demaghise Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Dr. Yen Ya-yan, CEO of Demagisme Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., and Stefan Schöpin, CEO of Schaeffler Group Industrial Division Dr. Dehler and the president of the manufacturing machinery division Martin Schreiber reached the cooperation agreement at the European Machine Tool Show in Milan. Dr. Spindler said: "The establishment of this relationship is a recognition of our many years of innovation and successful cooperation, and will also inspire us to achieve higher achievements in the future. We presented the 'Machine 4.0' for the first time at the European Machine Tool Show. This collaborative innovation project shows that both parties hope to make a decisive contribution to shaping the new future of machine tools in the digital era."

As part of the partnership, Schaeffler will participate in the future exhibitions, technical seminars and training events of DMG. Specifically, machine tool users will be able to acquire new concepts and networking components for bearings, linear technology and direct drive technology, as well as sensor technology, and learn how to apply them to predictive maintenance, optimizing efficiency and processes.

For the first time, Schaeffler and Demagensin exhibited the "Machine 4.0" innovation project at the European Machine Tool Show in Milan. This project was jointly developed by Schaeffler and its partners, linking sensors to existing technologies such as cloud services and digital components. The two prototypes were developed on the basis of the fourth-generation DMC80FDduoBLOCK® universal machining center, one of which is to be produced in volume at Schaeffler's precision bearing shop in the Höchstäte factory. At the European Machine Tool Show in Milan, visitors can see another prototype at the booth of the DMG. In order to measure vibrations, forces, temperatures and pressures and obtain machine state information, the prototype of this innovative project also integrates sensors into almost all bearing-related bearing points.

As the main supplier and development partner of the technology-driven components in the machine tool sector, Schaeffler always follows a clear digital strategy, using sensors, networking and analysis, to provide a wider range of process data, creating visible additional value. As a machine tool user, Industry 4.0 has a direct relationship with Schaeffler's own production. Through close cooperation with manufacturers, suppliers and users, Schaeffler's initiatives in the field of machine tool digitization have provided the industry with opportunities for transformation and possible challenges.

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