The 5th World Chinese Poetry Conference & Dr. Award Ceremony was held in Huangshan

On the morning of November 6 , the 5th World Chinese Poetry Conference and the Award Ceremony for Poetry Awards jointly organized by the China Society for Social Work and the World Chinese Poetry Association were held in Huangshan. About 120 people from home and abroad came together to celebrate the ceremony. Director of China Society for Social Work, Center for Philanthropy and Cultural Development, Consultant of World Chinese Poetry Association, Yu Liansheng, Professor of Renmin University of China, Zhou Hongxing, Honorary President of World Chinese Poetry Association, Wang Bangjian, Executive Chairman of World Chinese Poetry Association, Zhou Yongjun, and former Ambassador to Pakistan, Lu Shulin Mr. Attend the meeting.

The conference was chaired by Mr. Chen Taijiu, Vice President of the World Chinese Poetry Association, and Zhou Yongjun, Executive Chairman of the World Chinese Poetry Association, delivered a speech entitled "Ideal is my Only Neon Light" and talked about three insistences. Persist in hard struggle and self-reliance; adhere to poetry as a friend, and meet with poetry; adhere to the compatibility of the old and the new, and at the same time. Won the recognition of the participating poets.

In this conference, the World Chinese Poetry Association also invited Mr. Chen Weiming to be a consultant to the World Chinese Poetry Association, and hired Mr. Fei Shiming as the president of the Chinese Society of Chinese Poetry in the Chinese Association of Chinese Poetry, and added Mr. Mao Shengming and Mr. Wen Xiangxi to the World Chinese Poetry Association. Standing director, added Wu Changchun and Fu Xiaogao as directors of the World Chinese Poetry Association. Huangshan Furong Valley Scenic Area was awarded as "China's Most Poetic Tourist Destination"; Huangshan Zijing Hotel was awarded as "The Creation Base of the World Chinese Poetry Association".

At the conference, the World Chinese Poetry Association also granted Bai Buwen, Bai Jianming, Bai Jingming, Cao Guoquan, Chen Bozhong, Chen Weiming, Chen Jinyi, Chen Taiwu, Chen Wannian, Chen Hao, Ding Deming, Ding Yongfu, Ding Cailing, Dong Hui, Dong Jiaxi, Feng Yuhua, Fu Xiaogao, Fei Shiming, Gao Fagang, Gu Qinyi, Guo Zhenhui, He Huaiyu, Huang Wei, Huang Jichen, Huang Shengping, Huang Yijiang, Ji Jinshi, Ji Zhengqin, Jiang Xilu, Jiang Yihai, Yan Wenzhao, Li Yuan, Li Baozhu, Li Hongyu, Li Yulongfei Li Jun, Li Wenguang, Li Xianfeng, Li Yuxiang, Liang Rilun, Liao Zhengyan, Lin Guizeng, Liu Wei, Liu Xilin, Lu Shulin, Luo Xue, Luo Yi, Luo Cailun, Mao Shengming, Mu Ruiqi, Nan Yanlong, Xiong Zemin, Pan Hongxin, Peng Haixiang Qiao Guangtian, Shen Binsheng, Song Renqing, Sun Shaohui, Sun Wanpeng, Yan Zigao, Tan Jinjia, Tang Ze, Tao Qichen, Yan Lijuan, Wan Rong, Wan Nihong, Wang Anhui, Wang Bangjian, Wang Zehan, Wang Tiancai, Wang Jinwei, Wei Jiayan, Wen Xiangjun, Wu Gang Wu Changqing, Wu Chengli, Wu Fengqing, Wu Pengjie, Xu Tianbao, Yan Xizheng, Yang Beicheng, Ye Xiao Peng, Yu Liansheng, Zhang Da, Zhang Teng, Zhang Chengping, Zhang Hongyi, Zhang Jinyun, Zhang Qinen, Zhang Qingyang, Zhang Yiwu, Zhang Youchang, Zhang Hongxing, Zhao Biyu, Zheng Han, Zhong Yi, Zhong Guangfa, Zhong Qijun, Zhou Hao, Zhou Aijuan, Zhou Aimin , Zhou Anzhi, Zhou Hongxing, Zhou Qianxi, Zhou Xinfa, Zhou Yongjun, Zhou Zhiming, Sun Shaohui, Ou Yucon, "Dr. Shi" honorary title , and awarded the certificate of poetry.

Xi Xizheng, President of the World Chinese Poetry Association, said: "The Song Dynasty has a meritorious poem "The Tang Poem Chronicle? Wenzong": The Emperor has a good five words, and the self-made product is more similar to Xiao, Dai, and the ancient tune is clear. Taste and desire to set poetry. Wu Weiye in the Qing Dynasty In the second issue of the title “Xi Xi Rong”: Dr. Zifu Gao Leisure Poetry, Qingshan Yiyishuan Shangshu, it can be seen that Dr. Shi is an official who teaches and teaches poetry. There is no full-time Ph.D. From the citation, the first is the crowning of the poet. It is a kind of honor. First, the poet who hopes to obtain the title of “Dr. Poem” will follow the spirit of Chinese poetics and carry forward the excellent Chinese traditional culture in his later studies and work. ”

Zhou Aimin, who worked in the Daya Bay District of Guangdong Province, was awarded the title of “Dr. Shi” at this conference. He was particularly happy. He said: “Poetry is in the cold sector and is only active in circles. For individuals, poetry It is a pure business, and our insistence on poetry is not for the sake of profit, but to use the poetry to influence the world and make people feel poetic and grateful.In this way, harmony, goodness, and happiness will come closer to us. ”

Huang Jiyi, a “Love Song Prince” from Guangxi, told reporters in an interview. “I was awarded the Doctor of Poetry this time. It does not mean that I have reached a certain level of poetry, but gave me a higher responsibility and mission. Let me be Constantly inspires to improve their own deficiencies and to pass on poetry as a glorious task.” (Editor: Xu Gaodong)


The rostrum from left to right: Chen Tai, Wu Shulin, Lu Lin, Zhou Yongjun, Zhou Hongxing, Yu Liansheng, Wang Bangjian


Zhou Hongxing, Honorary President of the World Chinese Poetry Association


Dawn awarded the Huangshan Lotus Valley on behalf of the World Chinese Poetry Association

Executive Chairman of World Chinese Poetry Association Awarded for Huangshan Zijing Hotel

Poetry Friends Bai Jingming and Li Baozhu offered songs for the conference


Photo with guests

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